5 Simple Things You Can do to Develop a Better Relationship With Your Cleaner

A happy Domestic Cleaner leads to a better Home Cleaning

Let’s be honest, reliable, professional cleaners can be thin on the ground sometimes, especially ones who do a really good job at a price within your budget.
A happy Domestic Cleaner leads to a better Home Cleaning
So when you find a cleaner who goes all out to leave your home looking spotless, without charging you a small fortune, it makes sense that you’ll want to keep employing their services for a long time to come. All DustToShine cleaners are professional and reliable.

The key to doing this, of course, is developing a good working relationship with your cleaner, one that ensures they actually enjoy coming to work in your home and, as a result, go the extra mile to make sure your house sparkles from top to bottom.

Struggling to keep your cleaner? Think you could be doing a better of making them feel valued? Here’s five simple things you can do the next time they visit your home.

 Say "Thank you"

There’s no need to gush with a torrent of overly-sentimental praise, a few simple words of thanks will go an awful long way to making your cleaner feel that their efforts are appreciated.

After all, whether we’re toiling away at the nine-to-five or running around after the family at the end of a long day, don’t we all like to feel valued for our hard work?

A nice ‘thanks for all your hard work today, I really appreciate it,’ will do a lot to help you build a better relationship with your cleaner. It also means you’re likely to get the same great service the next time round. 

Pay on time

Imagine if, every day, you turned up to work on time, did exactly what you were supposed to, and did it with a smile on your face, only for your employer to failed to do the same and didn’t pay you until long after the agreed pay day.

It would hardly make you feel too inspired to go in on time and do a good job again, would it?

The same goes for your cleaner, who asks little more in return for their hard work than a word of thanks and to be paid on time. Showing your Home Cleaner a little bit of love....okay appreciation

Give them the occasional tip

Again, this doesn’t have to be anything huge. A small amount can do a lot to show your cleaner how much you like what they do, or maybe you could think about getting them the occasional gift at Christmas and Easter.

Let them get on with it

We’re all proud of our homes, and the things we keep in them are precious to us, so its no wonder some of us feel like we should keep guard over our cleaners as they go about their work.

Doing so however, is likely to do more harm than good to the relationship between the two of you. By standing over them and watching every move they make, what you’re essentially saying is that you don’t trust them, and that you don’t think they’re up to the job.

Put yourself in their shoes. Would this make you want to come back and clean your home again? 

Give notice if you need to cancel an appointment

There’s nothing worse than getting ready to do a job, travelling there, knocking on the front door and finding that there’s nobody home.

If you need to cancel or otherwise rearrange your regularly scheduled cleaning appointment, call your cleaning service provider as soon as you can. Not only do you avoid annoying your cleaner, but you’ll also find it easier to get another appointment that’s better suited for you.

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