Cleaning Frequently Ask Questions

1How soon can my cleaner start?
It takes 1-3 days on average for a cleaner to be allocated to you.
2How do I book a cleaner?

1. Call us on 020 3322 8958 and we will help take you booking requirements and answer any questions you may have.

2. Fill in the online enquiry form - Click Here and we will call you back.

3Why use Dust To Shine Cleaning Agency?

We take care of the

  • Recruitment
  • Interviewing
  • Vetting
  • Selection and appointment of your cleaner
  • Access to a replacement cleaner upon demand
  • Insurance
  • Aranging a replacement cleaner if your regular cleaner is ill or goes on holiday

The aim of our service is to provide you with a clean home just the way you like it.

So let us know your requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a sparkling clean home.

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4Can I specify the day the cleaner comes?

Yes, you can, but Friday tends to be the most busy day and getting the time slot you want can mean you having to be a little more flexible, so if there's an alternative day let us know.

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5What background checks do you make on the cleaner?

We understand how important vetting is and our system is thorough so that we only select suitable cleaners.

1 All DustToShine cleaners must be legal to work in the country.
2. Proof of identity is obtained by a passport, driving licence or birth certificate.
3. A valid work permit if required.
4. References from the cleaners former employers. We also gather additional references from their existing Dust To Shine clients once they have been with us for some time.
5. Proof of address, is provided via a Bank statement, utility bill or tenancy agreement.
6. Your cleaner must attend our office to be personally interviewed.

6Are you insured?

1. Yes, our Public Liability insurance covers damages up to one million.
2. There is an excess of one hundred pounds payable by the client.
3. Bleach spills are not covered and you should discourage your cleaner from using bleach, especially in carpeted areas.

7How are payments made?

For regular cleaning :

There are no hidden charges or setup fees.
2 Hours or more weekly - £11.97
Fortnightly - £11.97.

Regular Sunday cleaning :
The cost is £14 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours.

One off Cleaning:
The price for a cleaner using your products and equipment £14 per hour

The price for a crew service starts from £120. We will need a description of your property to price the service.

8What do I do if the cleaner is not suitable?

If you find that you need to change your cleaner, for what ever reason.
Call your allocated manager to discuss any issues you may have and a new cleaner will be arranged for you.

9Will my cleaner be able to speak English?
All DustToShine cleaners are English speaking.
10Do you send out paperwork?

No, we do not send a physical document.
Upon booking you will be sent a welcome email, which outlines your booking and payment details.

11Will your company be able to provide a cleaner if I move to a different area?

As a london cleaning service we cover all of London and can do this for you.

12Is there a contract?

Yes, 2 months and there after 30 days notice is require.

13What happens if my cleaner is ill or goes on holiday?

A replacement cleaner will immediately be arranged for you.

14I'm going on holiday will I still be charged?

No charge will be made, as long as you inform the company by email 7 days before departure.

15Where can I send a testimonial?

Our company has grown on referals from happy clients.

To send in your testimonial just email or send a letter in the post.
Our contact details can be found by Clicking Here

To answer any questions you may have 

Call 020 3322 8958 and speak to a friendly operator.