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London End of tenancy cleaning services

When you’re moving out of rented accommodation, every little penny helps, which is why DustToShine provide cost-effective end of tenancy cleaning services that ensure your landlord has no reason not to return your deposit.

Faced with all the natural dust and dirt that accumulates throughout the course of daily life, if every last little speck isn’t eradicate, some landlords will use that as a good excuse to keep your money.


Before you break out those industrial strength cleaners and start scrubbing until your fingers are raw, stop. There is a better way.

Our crew cleaning service are on hand to restore your rented property to the state of perfect cleanliness you found when you first moved in, saving you all the hard work and hassle, and leaving you free to concentrate on that seemingly never-ending To-Do list of house moving tasks.

Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaning
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All our London end of tenancy cleaning crews come with a full background check carried out by us, along with the highest standards of training to ensure every nook, every cranny, every surface and every room is cleaned with the kind of outstanding quality you expect from a professional domestic cleaning crew.

Everything you need in one helpful service

Getting your deposit back shouldn’t have to be hard work, and with DustToShine, it couldn’t be easier.

Armed with all the industry standard equipment and products we’ll need to make every inch of your former home shine like new, we take care of all those tough spots that landlords pay close attention to and more.

Leaving no spot untouched




Starting with your kitchen, we'll clean the oven and hob extractor inside and out until it looks like new, then get on with making sure your cupboards, worktops, walls and floors are glistening clean.

Upstairs, bathroom tiles, bathtubs, and shower screens are given the benefit of our expertise, as are all your bedrooms.

We'll even make sure every window in the property is treated to a full interior clean.

When the property owner expects more

Estate Agents and even plenty of private landlords like to provide their tenants with a checklist of things they expect to see cleaned before they’ll hand back that deposit. If that’s the case with you, simply let us have a copy of it before our crew cleaners arrive, and we’ll be sure to take care of it.

Other one off cleaning services in London

You don’t have to be leaving your property to treat it to a high quality clean. Along with our regular cleaning services, we’re also available whenever you need a one off clean, such as after a big party or close to Christmas.

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