Six Reasons Why David Cameron Would be Great at Domestic Cleaning


In the five years since he was first elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron has done his best to clean up Britain, but with a General Election on the horizon, the Conservative Leader may soon be looking for a new job if he fails to win over enough voters come May. He will not need to clean up Britain but may need to use his Domestic Cleaning skills.

David CameronHaving spent so much of his time in power lauding the values of hard work and fighting unemployment, we’re sure Dave could turn his hand to any number of roles if he’s ousted from No. 10. After dinner speaker perhaps? Captain of Industry? TV presenter? domestic cleaner?

He could probably do pretty well at either, and you could certainly count us among his first viewers if he decides to take on the likes of Jonathan Ross and Alan Carr as King of the Chat Shows. Yet what we’d really like to see, is David Cameron the professional cleaner even if it was just for a few days. He could then really say he's one of us, "were all in this together".

Just the other day we saw Dave in his kitchen with BBC's James Landale ruling out a third term. Pitty he did not go on to say why it was sensible for him rule it out. We have Dave scheduled to start cleaning for us. Although we might have to ask him to lose the suit.

It’s a job we think he’d be well suited for. Not convinced? Here’s just six reasons why David Cameron would be great at domestic cleaning.

He’s a family man

So credit where credit’s due, Dave is nothing if not a committed family man. He’s used to doing all he can to keep his family happy, healthy and well-looked after, and we don’t doubt that includes keeping his home clean and tidy.

What’s more, as a proud father, with his domestic cleaning experience we don’t doubt that he’s done plenty of tidying up all manner of messes. 

He’s not afraid of hard work

Again, we have to give the man his due; being Prime Minister can’t be the easiest of jobs. He’s used to putting in some hard work to produce real results, something any good cleaner should be proud to say they do for their customers.David Cameron 2

He’s happy working with others

Back when he was still the Leader of the Opposition, Cameron was quoted as saying that he wouldn’t do battle with the then-reigning government as a matter of course, but would be happy to work with them if it meant achieving common goals.

With that in mind, we think he’d make a good fit in one of our cleaning crews, working together with his fellow cleaners on end-of-tenancy cleans or commercial and cleaning services contracts.

He’s not afraid to tackle the big stuff

As Prime Minister, David Cameron has had to tackle with some seriously big issues, including everything from immigration to the economy, healthcare to education, and more.

So we can rest assured that, when it comes to domestic cleaning, he’ll have no problem rolling up his sleeves and getting stuck into the stuff that really needs some serious effort.

Got a stubborn stain that refuses to shift? Dave’s your man.

He’s used to flexible hours

To ensure customers get the best possible service,  truly good cleaners offer flexible schedules to fit in with their customers’ busy lifestyles, something we think Dave is well used to already. We can’t imagine that running a country fits within the definition of a nine-to-five job, can you?

He’s a man of the people

Being Prime Minister is all about putting the needs of the country first, and working hard to make sure those needs are met. On a somewhat smaller -though no less important- a good cleaner should go all out to provide exactly the kind of service their clients’ require.

Having ticked that box, along with the other five, we’d definitely hire the Prime Minister as a professional cleaner. So Dave, if you’re reading, there’s already a domestic cleaning job lined up for you if things don’t turn out so well at the General Election.

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