Poor old Justin Bieber. As reviled by much of the public at large as he is revered by his army of Beliebers, the Canadian pop sensation has enjoyed anything but a squeaky clean reputation over the last few years. A little undercover work by DustToShine has revealed, there are few things about Justin and what he may know about house cleaning that will surprise you.

Here's Justin showing off his cleaning skills in a Macy's ad. 

Scuffs with the law, the paparazzi and fellow celebs have all put something of a stain on the ‘Baby’ singer’s image, at least in the public eye. Step behind the huge, closed doors of his Hollywood Hills mansion however, and Bieber isn’t quite the bad boy many have got him down as.

Indeed, when he’s not laying down tracks in the studio, terrifying his neighbours with another drag race, or generally being a bit of a prima donna, the Justin Bieber as his friends and loved ones know him is actually a quiet, reserved young man.

Here's a Twilight Zone moment - imagine Bieber, loves nothing more than putting on an apron, cranking up Queen’s I Want to Break Free, and getting stuck into cleaning the many rooms of his mansion.

Give the floor a wide berth

Whenever he’s out tearing up the town and indulging in a spot of underage shenanigans, Bieber likes nothing more than pulling his posse en mass to the dance floor and letting loose to his own songs. At home however, things are much different.

Picture the scene - Justin says "Look, I’ve just mopped this floor" followed by to get tjustin-Bieber4he best result, I started in one corner and mopped my way across, working towards the other side of the room. Now that I’ve just got it sparkling, you all need to keep off it. Give it time to dry so that the leftover water isn’t sticking footprints and other dirt to the floor.

Justin goes on to say “Otherwise, I’ll only have to do it all again, and I don’t have time for that. I’ve got a fight with a reporter scheduled in an hour.”

Baby oil is for more than just tanning

Song writing is a creative, mysterious art, where ideas for lyrics come from can be revealing so it not to hard to believe he may have said “It just came to me, that thing haunted me for weeks, no matter how much I cleaned it, there was always this streak. It just sat there, mocking me, taunting me. Then, I had some baby oil left over from my latest trip to the beach, so I put a little bit on a cloth and went at the fridge. Before I knew it, I proved that streak wrong. It was going somewhere, and it hasn’t been back since.”

Bieber turned this serendipitous encounter in to a hit song, we would like to think.

Your a genius Justin!

Break it down

DustToShine little house cleaning fan

House Cleaning Fan

It’s hard work being an A-list celebrity, and our Justin has found that the only way to deal with things is to break them down into smaller tasks. Apparently, the same goes for his house cleaning duties.

“This house is so huge that I sometimes get overwhelmed by just how much cleaning has to be done. So, like I always say in the studio, break it down. If I've got a big, messy room to tidy, I focus on just doing one small thing at a time." “That helps me to keep calm and not get so overwhelmed. By the time I've moved on from one small task to the next, I can hardly believe how much I've accomplished!”

Justin does not have to read the hundreds of time organizing or GTD (Getting things done) books being sold by Amazon. One of the top pieces of advice they all give is to break things down. Justin is natural organizer, it's just part of his success.

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