We Love Giving A Cleaning Service!

For some, it’s a dirty job, but, love it or hate it, you just got to get it done. Some people genuinely look forward to home cleaning services, but are selective in what they want to do for example, some love cleaning the kitchen but hate doing the bathroom.We Love Giving A Cleaning Service!

At DusttoShine, our professional cleaners definitely fall into the camp of cleaning everything, we just love cleaning! There’s few things they really enjoy more than picking up their tools (we know it’s an exaggeration a duster and a mop) of the trade and getting to work on making homes across London sparkle.

Though before you label us crazy, hear us out. Here’s just a few reasons why we love home cleaning services, and why we think you should, too.

Peace of mind

As the BBC News says "Working up a sweat while performing household chores may not just improve the cleanliness of your home, but your mental health too" There’s all sorts of mental health benefits to having a good clean, but for us, that peace of mind that comes when the work is all done is absolutely priceless.

At one time or another, many of us start to get the feeling that things are spiraling rapidly out of control, not just with the domestic chores, but in all areas of our lives. Getting the house looking spotless goes a long way to reducing that, bringing with it a much-welcomed sense of calm and clarity.

Unfortunately, there are some areas of our lives that we’ll never be able to fully control, but the housework isn’t one of them. By the time you’re done, you’ll feel that little bit more in control of things, and be a lot happier as a result.We Love Domestic Cleaning

Stress busting

By the same token, cleaning can be a great way to relax. OK, so it might not seem that way if you think of it as more work that just has to be done, but try looking at it another way:

You can take out all your stresses and frustrations on that stubborn dirt, and by repeating the same tasks over and over, your mind naturally slides away from all the countless thoughts that flutter by on a daily basis, replacing them instead with a certain serenity

Confidence boost

There’s a certain sense of achievement that comes with cleaning. You start with the place looking its less-than-perfect self, you get to work, and before you know it, you’ve accomplished something, namely transforming that room into something that really shines.

When you’re feeling a bit low, or just not your usual confident self, that sense of accomplishment can be a huge, and much needed, boost to the confidence. 

Good exercise with home cleaning services

Ever found yourself with the dilemma of deciding whether or not to hit the gym or the cleaning cupboard?  Both are things that you feel have to be done, but with so many other demands on your time, it’s often a case of choosing one over the other.

Not that it necessarily has to be. Let’s not forget that cleaning is a fairly physical activity, and though it might not yield the same results as pounding the treadmill for an hour, it can certainly play a role in burning off those calories.

In doing so, cleaning also produces those lovely endorphins, the natural chemicals in our bodies that make us all feel good.

Still wondering why we love home cleaning services so much? We didn’t think so. Now, where did we put that vacuum cleaner?

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